366 renews its confidence in Weborama for its CDP and Webomind semantic AI technology

Publié le 28 May 2024

Weborama has won the Customer Data Platform (CDP) tender launched by the major player in the French regional daily press, which wants to enhance the value of its advertising inventory by combining its first-party and semantic data.

Advertising network 366, which operates advertising for 56 PQR titles and their 46 websites and mobile applications, is enhancing its Data value proposition by choosing Weborama’s new CDP. Since 2019, 366 and Weborama have already been actively collaborating on the Data Management Platform (DMP).

Weborama’s new CDP will enable 366 to optimise the joint use of media and CRM data, thereby enhancing its knowledge of first-party audiences. The advertising network will also benefit from Webomind, the new technology incorporating generative AI launched by Weborama in April. This major innovation offers richer, more granular knowledge of audiences through content, enabling first-party and contextual activation. This development is helping to create better-targeted, higher-performing advertising offers that promote written and professional journalistic content.

By leveraging its first-party and semantic data, 366 will be putting in place new specific offers for cookieless and IDless advertisers that respect users’ privacy, are “brand safe” and “brand suitable”.

These will be marketed and integrated into all the media of the 56 publishers who are members of the network.

The end of third-party cookies is already a reality. In this context, making the most of first-party data is crucial, and requires a centralised and structured organisation. What’s more, PQR journalists produce over 35,000 pieces of editorial content every day. In addition to the CDP, we are also delighted to be extending our partnership with Weborama on new semantic targeting functionalities.

By adopting Webomind for the first time, we are considerably extending our reach based on our main asset: content. This will sustainably improve the performance of our digital campaigns, creating a virtuous circle for publishers and enriching the value proposition for advertisers and agencies.

Thibaud CHEVALIER, Digital Director, 366

We are delighted to be continuing our collaboration with 366 on the eve of the revolution in digital advertising that is the end of third-party cookies. A period that is already illustrated by the profound transformation of marketing tools, the extensive exploration of first-party and cookie-free functionalities, and the growing integration into an increasingly complex ecosystem. At the heart of this evolution lies our semantic AI, which is fuelling tomorrow’s innovations.

Antoine BSAIBES, Head of Tech & Services, Weborama

About 366

The expert regional management company :

366 is an advertising network founded in 2014 whose shareholders are all the publishers of the regional daily press in France. 366 is the expert advertising network for territories and operates, on behalf of the entire advertising market, a powerful offering, making it possible to reach more than 20 million people every day and 43 million readers every month from the regional daily press (PQR), its digital and local TV variations, i.e. 81% of the French population aged 15+. 366.fr

About Weborama

The Data Intelligence Platform

Focused on the management and enhancement of customer data, Weborama has developed and connected a range of technologies (in the fields of AI, semantic and behavioural artificial intelligence, the data lake, the data clean room, data science, insights, etc.) that enable advertisers, agencies and publishers to acquire, retain and enhance their audiences and activate targeted, consistent and relevant advertising in the new cookieless, IDless and multi-device world. Weborama operates in Europe and the United States. weborama.com

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