Solutions for Advertisers

Emerge and shine in your market. Build a lasting relationship with your consumers.

Mykim Chikli


The disappearance of third-party cookies in 2024, an increase in the rate of consentless and therefore more hidden audience… For almost two years now, news from the digital advertising market has been announcing the next transformation of the ecosystem. At Weborama, we are convinced that we are moving in the right direction! Capturing the value of your first party data and the contribution of semantic contextualisation are all opportunities to deepen your knowledge of your consumers and improve your performance in the long term, while building a respectful and engaging relationship with your clients.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Leverage your proprietary data and dramatically increase your visibility!

Data & Insights

Improve your understanding of your consumers and increase your performance tenfold

Media Campaigns

Combine the power of reach and precision targeting for your branding and performance campaigns

Performance Measurement

Measure with finesse and transparency the impact of each campaign and lever on performance, even without third-party cookies.

Our simple, powerful and effective solutions:

Prepare for a cookieless world and gain visibility

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Stay in control of your data and improve consumer insight

Collect and organise your data by making full use of all the cookieless and interconnection functionalities to increasingly complex ecosystems. Weborama’s Marketing Platform is a proprietary technology that respects the confidentiality of Internet users, allowing you to make the most of your proprietary data and thus improve the performance of your advertising and direct marketing campaigns in the long term.

Data & Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your consumers and extract maximum value from your data

Weborama’s Data Scientists and Strategists use semantic artificial intelligence to create value through accurate knowledge of your consumers. Weborama identifies emerging market trends, detects decision triggers and defines actionable insights to increase your customer volume and engagement tenfold and win new market share.

Media Campaigns

Maximise the results of your media and programmatic campaigns

With the largest cookieless and cookie-based database in Europe, combine the power of reach with the precision of Weborama’s targeting. Weborama’s Activation Experts create personalised and activatable segments to maximise the results of your programmatic campaigns (branding, traffic, visibility & performance). Through the acquisition of Adways, Weborama is expanding its activation solutions to include InVideo, a new visible and non-intrusive advertising format.

Performance Measurement

Benefit from a high level of granularity in the analysis, transparency and independence of your marketing levers

Weborama is an expert in measuring the ROI of media and marketing activities. Weborama designs and develops its own technologies and models (attribution-contribution, off & online data reconciliation, etc.) to enable you to obtain a reliable and objective measurement of your digital and direct marketing campaigns.