Data & Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your consumers and get maximum value from your data

We help you achieve your business goals by leveraging data, technology & AI

Identify new revenue opportunities

Understand consumption triggers


Improve the effectiveness of marketing levers

Measure and justify marketing actions


Weborama supports you at every stages of your monetization strategy to identify new revenue opportunities for Weborama partners or new partners.

Ready-to-Use Privacy Framework

  • Focus on regulatory issues
  • Accelerating the implementation of a contractual framework

Managed Cleanroom

  • Audit of potential data cross-referencing
    Identification of the most relevant segments
    Privacy and Data secrurity

Business Strategy

  • Identification of sales targets
  • Data commercialization among Weborama’s customer portfolio.

Managed Data Flows

  • Online and offline Data collection
  • Efficient Data storage and management
  • Configuration of the purpose of use


Support in implementing a contractual framework & clarification of regulatory issues


Provision of selected data & qualification of customer databases at customizable time intervals


Depending on the use cases, identification of the most relevant segments

CRM Enrichment

Weborama supports you at every stage of your data strategy to enrich your consumers’ view, fuel your use cases and improve the effectiveness of your marketing actions.

Actionable Insights

Weborama supports you at every stage of your insights strategy to understand consumer decision triggers and create actionable assets.


Detection of consumer trends specific to your universe & creation of qualification criteria


Qualification and profiling of customers & prospects at every stage of the decision-making process


Detection and provision of targets for marketing activation


Weborama supports you at every stage of your measurement strategy, to help you better understand the performance of your levers and justify your marketing actions.


Measure the sales increment and ROI of your campaign on online and in-store sales


Compare yourself to market standards thanks to attribution and identify the real role of each lever with a customized contribution model

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Success Stories

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