Data & insights for Advertisers

Gain a deeper understanding of your consumers and get maximum value from your data

Semantic AI at the service for a better consumer knowledge


Detect emerging trends around your market and compare your brand’s positioning with consumers’ aspirations


Qualify your consumer profiles and identify decision triggers


Fuel your marketing strategy and increase the effectiveness of your use cases throughout the customer journey

Weborama +

Link consumer insight, value proposition and concrete marketing actions throughout the customer journey

  • A global knowledge database that can be reconciled in any ecosystem to make your insights directly actionable
  • Fresh data, continuously fed
  • Exhaustive information on life moments and consumption acts made available
  • An estimate of the consumer’s degree of appetence: centres of interest, preferences, purchase intentions, purchasing behaviour, life moments, etc.


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Knowing your consumers has never been easier

Knowing your consumers has never been easier thanks to semantic AI. Weborama’s Data & Insights team has created the Life Stages tool to help you anticipate consumer needs and detect the moments in their lives.