About Weborama

Alain Lévy

CEO Weborama

We are entering a period that could favour a more sustainable approach to digital advertising. Indeed, the programmed end of third-party cookies and therefore, in part, of systematic advertising targeting, which was the basis of digital advertising, is an opportunity for advertising to reinvent itself and create a new, more sustainable environment. Moreover, this change of era relies on new technologies, the development of which would allow the creation of a powerful French ecosystem, on the fringes of the major global players in digital advertising.


Weborama responds to the new technological challenges facing agencies, publishers and advertisers in the digital advertising market while guaranteeing a respectful relationship with Internet users.

Reason Why

Founded in 1998, Weborama was born out of a strong and firm belief that “data was going to revolutionise everything”, according to Alain Levy, Chairman of Weborama. More specifically, semantic data, the data that can be extracted from the semantic context of a URL page, the new black gold of digital advertising.

The ambition is to help market players offer digital advertising with added value, more personalised and useful for Internet users while reducing advertising pressure. Through its proprietary technologies,

Weborama enables brands and publishers to seize the full potential of their data by creating a virtuous ecosystem of technologies, insights and media activation, and to reconcile the effectiveness of digital advertising with respect for the privacy of Internet users.

In the footsteps of Big Brother

Privacy in the Digital Age

A formidable vector of immediacy, simplicity and creativity, the Internet has also become the means “probably the most important ever imagined by man” to spy on our every move. Surveillance cameras, mobile phones, cookies, personalised advertising, electronic tolls, online payments… Our innocent daily actions are now the invaluable ferment of advertising databases. Is our private life really condemned to porosity?

Alain LEVY (L’Éditeur, 2010)

Our commitments

Une publicité digitale…

More respectful

More respectful of the choices and privacy of Internet users, without compromise: the Internet user is no longer tracked, semantic data integrates all the content and the link between all the information available on a page in real time to control its meaning and value.

More engaging

Offer useful and engaging content: by studying the content that consumers consult, we detect insights on their interests, their purchase intentions and their needs, to propose less intrusive advertising that will bring added value to the page consulted.

More responsible

Limit advertising waste and contribute to reducing digital’s carbon footprint. By sending useful advertising to the right place and at the right time, where there is real value for the advertiser AND the user, there is no need to multiply the messages too much!

  • Creation of Weborama in France

  • Weborama is then a web directory that ranks sites according to visitors’ interests. The first steps towards semantic artificial intelligence.

  • Launch of the first AdServer

  • Management of the first programmatic campaigns

  • Hello Spain! Hello World!

  • Opening of the first foreign office and beginning of Weborama’s international development.


Creation of the behavioral database

  • Weborama’s database of third-party cookies is currently the largest in Europe, after those of Google and Facebook, with more than 500 million scanned profiles


  • Launch of Weborama Campaign Manager, the first A.I. powered AdServer

  • Creation of the market’s first semantic engine for personalized audiences powered by artificial intelligence.

  • Launch of Weborama Audience Manager

  • And all activities related to DMP, CDP and Data & Insights 

  • Creation of the semantic contextual database

  • First cookieless database based on semantic data from over 300M scanned URLs.

  • Launch of the semantic contextual activation solution

  • GoldenFish is the first cookieless activation solution on the market 

  • Welcome to Adways!

  • Weborama acquires Adways, an AdTech specialized in innovative and non-intrusive video formats.

Our values


Our core business, learning to unlearn, breaking down preconceived ideas and challenging briefs with data.


Reinventing ourselves every day in a changing market context, while remaining uncompromising about our vision and commitments.


Breaking down silos is our role with our clients, so collaboration is essential at all levels within the company.