Performance Measurement

Understand the impact of your campaigns & levers on performance

Benefit from a high level of granularity in the analysis, transparency and independence of your marketing levers

Measurement at the level that suits you

From incremental measurement of a lever or campaign to omnichannel measurement with our Attribution-Contribution models.

Rich and granular analysis

Benefit from an interactive Analytics dashboard customized to your needs and monitoring objectives.

Guaranteed data governance

Get a reliable and objective measurement. Data collection is done on our proprietary Adserver.

Weborama +

Advanced measurement solutions to give you an objective understanding of your consumers’ buying journey.


Measurement without third-party cookies


Dedicated project manager and support teams

Proprietary Solutions

Ergonomic & user-friendly

Customized analytical dashboard

Very high interoperability

Granular analysis

Paul Confland Intermarché

Paul Confland

CRM & Data Manager

“The results of the ROPO measurement, initiated by Weborama’s Data & Insights team, show us that stop-targeting has had a positive effect on the revenue generated as well as on the penetration rate! In addition to optimizing our media budgets, we have won over new customers. This strategy will be re-tested on other types of campaigns to validate its overall relevance.

Completion Rate

The measurement of incremental performance on branding campaigns allowed a major luxury company to optimize its audience planning strategy.


ROAS Evolution

The ROPO measurement allowed Intermarché to implement a stop-targeting method and thus increase its sales on its end-of-year campaigns.


Penetration Rate Evolution

The ROPO measure has also enabled Intermarché to acquire new customers.

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