Clean Room

Create a secure environment for data sharing and monetization

Data Collaboration

Access added-value data for activation or insight purposes


Maximize the value of your data without compromising security


Implement a future-proof solution to measure the performance of your marketing actions

A Privacy-by-design solution

Secure, enclosed and privacy-friendly, the Weborama Data Clean Room enables market players to accelerate their data collaboration strategies, while complying with privacy regulations and limiting the risk of data breaches.

Weborama also supports its customers in creating a simplified contractual framework.

How does a Data Clean Room work?


An open, multi-cloud solution with numerous native connectors


A powerful no-code solution accessible to all corporate departments (Media, CRM, Customer Relations, Marketing, Communication…) to develop your use cases.


Work with sensitive or confidential data without compromising security or confidentiality

An offer tailored to your needs


Weborama operates the Data Clean Room and is responsible for implementing the queries and delivering the results to the parties involved.


Independent use of the Data Clean Room: dataset selection, security, etc.

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