Tech At Webo

Technical Environment

Semantic artificial intelligence, Weborama’s historical expertise, helps players in the online marketing ecosystem to reconcile performance and respect for the privacy of Internet users in all existing environments (cookie and cookieless).

Our Added Value

We have developed a unique Semantic Artificial Intelligence technology that uses automatic language processing and machine learning algorithms to understand natural language on very large volumes of data (text, audio and video). 

Our tools allow us to meet our clients’ expectations in all environments (with cookies, in-app, cookieless, idless) for all types of needs (content monetization, advertising performance improvement, subscriber loyalty, or insight building).

Work at Weborama

Open Source

Weborama’s engineering teams share a strong open-source culture. We have people involved in various projects (contributing code or participating in online events or specialized YouTube channels).

The team also maintains a technical blog on Medium that allows us to share feedback on the technologies used within R&D.


All the R&D and Data Science teams apply the SCRUM framework in order to promote the fluidity of exchanges and the agility of projects.

Continuous volume

Weborama’s platform processes a large volume of just-in-time data, in the order of magnitude of several hundred thousand HTTP requests per second. This data is processed in streams and consolidated on the fly in distributed databases in order to update audiences, dashboards and contextual profiles with minimal latency.

Internal communication

Training Week

Every quarter, the Engineering team organizes a Training Week, a series of internal training sessions on all Weborama products. This greatly facilitates the onboarding of new team members and contributes to a good spread of knowledge internally.

Sprint Demos

At Weborama, we believe in the value of technical demonstrations. That’s why each end of a SCRUM sprint is punctuated by a “Sprint Demo” open to all the company’s employees, regardless of their role, so that everyone can see the changes made to the products up close.