Data & insights for Publishers

Find new growth territories through in-depth knowledge of your audiences

Semantic AI for a better understanding for a better understanding of your audience

Develop innovative media offers

Develop your editorial brand and deliver personalised campaigns to advertisers

Create engaged audiences

Understand their interests, preferences, purchase intentions, and extend your reach to new, loyal, high-value audiences

Find your best advertising partners

Build personalised media offers according to the level of appetite of your audiences with your advertising partners.

Weborama +

Weborama provides concrete elements to help publishers structure their commercial offer to advertisers and boost their revenues:

  • A better defined brand image and content
  • Better qualified audiences


web pages scanned


profiles scanned



Thanks to its Semantic AI, Weborama offers better qualification of inventories and audiences:


  • Highlighting the richness of your content combined with analysis by vertical and new indicators
  • Demonstrate the relevance of your offer compared to the competition 
  • Enriching the inventory with insights on your audiences

Serving marketing and sales teams allowing:

  • Setting up relevant targets according to offers and advertisers
  • Anticipation of commercial operations during the year
  • Continuous provision of insights to advertisers.

They Trust Us

Understanding & targeting
  • Content detection and qualification
Inventory enrichment
  • Insights into online audiences tracked by publisher content
Relevant targeting
  • Creation and activation of a large library of user-friendly segments
Anticipation of commercial operations
  • Monitoring of inventory evolution by theme over time