Pioneer AdTech in semantic artificial intelligence

Weborama, an AdTech pioneer in semantic artificial intelligence in France and Europe, is responding to the new technological challenges facing agencies, publishers and advertisers in the digital advertising market while guaranteeing a respectful relationship with Internet users.

Marketing Platform (DMP, CDP)

Collect and organise your data and increase its the potential.

Data & Insights

Improve your understanding of your customers and increase your performance tenfold

Media Solutions

Combine the power of reach and precision targeting for your branding and performance campaigns

“Our latest contextual activation campaign was a real success! Beyond the performance of the campaign, we were able to collect a lot of insights, especially on control and frequency of exposure. This allows us to build a learning curve and prepare for the future world without third-party cookies.”

Ollivier Montferran, Head of Media and Digital at Essity 

“Advertisers are now looking for comprehensive and exclusive first-party profiles. It was crucial for leboncoin to acquire a high-performance and innovative technological platform to guarantee performance, visibility and volume for our clients’ campaigns.”

Fabien Scolan, VP Advertising leboncoin Publicité

“The results of the ROPO measurement, initiated by Weborama’s Data & Insights team, show us that stop-targeting has had a positive effect on the revenue generated as well as on the penetration rate! In addition to optimizing our media budgets, we have won over new customers. This strategy will be re-tested on other types of campaigns to validate its overall relevance.”

Paul Confland, CRM & Data Manager at Intermarché

“While we used to use exclusively cookie-based segments for our acquisition campaigns, the contextual share of the red wire campaign is now 80% (versus 20% for cookies). With superior results on contextual campaigns compared to cookie-based campaigns.”

Jenny Rozucki, Communication Officer Media buying at Cofidis

“The disappearance of third-party cookies is a fact, the decline of consent is also a reality, and the complexity of tools is undeniable. Our offline and online CRM has therefore become a highly strategic lever. By connecting it to Weborama’s marketing platform, we deepen our knowledge of our more than 26 million customers and enrich this data with Weborama’s database.”

Baptiste Drouilhet, Data Activation Project Manager at SCNF Connect & Tech

Marketing Platform (DMP, CDP)

Keep control of your data and improve the qualification of your customers

Weborama’s Marketing Platform is a proprietary and secure technology that makes full use of all the cookieless and interconnection functions of increasingly complex ecosystems. As a Hybrid DMP/CDP, it allows you to improve the qualification of your users in order to maximise the performance of your digital advertising and direct marketing campaigns in the long term, while respecting the confidentiality of internet users.

Data & Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and extract maximum value from your data

Weborama’s Data Scientists and Strategists use semantic artificial intelligence to create value through precise knowledge of your users. Weborama identifies emerging market trends, detects the signals that trigger decisions and defines activatable insights to increase the volume and engagement of internet users and conquer new market share.

Programmatic & Media Solutions

Maximise the results of your media and programmatic campaigns

With the largest cookieless and cookie-based database in Europe, combine the power of reach with the precision of Weborama’s targeting. Weborama’s Activation Experts create personalised and activatable segments to maximise the results of your programmatic campaigns (branding, traffic, visibility & performance).