Data Platform

Maintain control of your data and provide effective and respectful advertising to your consumers.


Your web, mobile, and media data brought together on a single platform, along with all your customer, prospect, and relationship marketing data.


Thanks to connections with your advertising and marketing tools, precisely target or exclude individuals across all touchpoints.


With the dashboards and algorithms available in the CDP, analyze the performance of your media and marketing actions across all your data.

An easy-to-use and powerful tool for all your daily use cases

Precision display 
without any margin of error

Quick creation of 
your use cases

for all data

and accessible to non-technical profiles

Activate digital segments
& clones

Cookieless & contextual
Reach all your users

AI at the heart of the CDP

Whether it’s your anonymous web or mobile data or your CRM/PRM data, expand your audiences on your own bases, the Weborama database, or partner databases with our look-alike algorithm.

Our algorithms can also assist you in automating decision-making :

Customer space customization

Personalized omnichannel retargeting


Channel preference identification

Proactive targeting of personas

Data Collaboration

Share your data in an encrypted Weborama cleanroom. Data collaboration is a unique alternative for environments without third-party cookies, allowing you to optimize, enrich, and monetize your data with your partners.

Baptiste Drouilhet SNCF Connect & Tech

« The disappearance of third-party cookies is a fact, the decline in consent is also a reality, and the complexity of tools is undeniable. Our offline and online CRM has become an extremely strategic focus. By connecting it to Weborama’s Marketing Platform, we deepen our understanding of our 26 million+ customers and enrich this data through Weborama’s database. »

Many connections to your advertising and marketing tools