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Refine the precision of your targeting and increase your reach with Weborama data

Benefit from the most voluminous contextual and cookie-based
database in Europe

Contextual data

200 millions

scored URLs

Behavioral data

300 millions

profiles scored

A methodology for creating precise and granular segments
and granular segments for your campaigns

Precise targeting

Catalog of predefined segments: available in all the DSPs on the market, made up of life moments, purchase intentions, centers of interest, socio demographic, interests, socio-demographics, commercial and market events, best-sellers, current trends…

Creation of custom segments: tailored to your specific needs by our experts and available within 24 hours in all the DSPs on the market

Data selection

• Cookies Segments


• Contextuels Segments 

Segments Activation

• Curated Deals (media & data)

• Data Segments




Segment types adapted to your needs

Custom Segments

Brand, products, competitors,
consumer needs…

Segments prédéfinis

Femmes 18/25, intentionnistes auto, peau sensible, mariage, mode, tourisme en France, sport, foot…

Segments Brand Safe

Vie privée en ligne, contenu adulte et explicite, questions sociales sensibles…

Responsible consumption segments

Eco-mobility, environmental impact,
renewable energies,…

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