With Webomind,Weborama integrates generative AI into its contextual targeting solution

Publié le 26 March 2024

The use of personalized generative AI in the contextual campaign creation process will accelerate cookieless strategies for customers of its contextual targeting solution.

Weborama takes another step forward by introducing Webomind, a generative AI integrated into its contextual targeting solution that will simplify and optimize processes. This innovative feature enables users, advertisers and media agencies alike, to describe their targeting objective in natural language – a media brief, a campaign description, a list of URLs… – directly in the artificial intelligence tool, without worrying about the technical details. In return, they can obtain a list of URLs of web pages in semantic proximity with phrases generated by the AI from the brief provided, from among the 250 million URLs scored in Weborama’s database and immediately activatable for their campaign.

Thanks to the combination of generative AI and contextual targeting, customers save valuable time, improve productivity and acquire richer, more granular knowledge. Contextual audience segments can be easily defined, taking advantage of Weborama’s natural language understanding capabilities and large-scale campaign orchestration tools.

This approach is particularly relevant for players with rich content, such as retailers and publishers, to enhance the value of their content and offer greater personalization of their media campaigns, while reconciling volume and precision.

Advertisers and media agencies are keen to have access to third-party cookie-free activation solutions such as contextual activation, and are very receptive to the innovations on offer. Weborama provides a precise response to a growing market need.

“Generative artificial intelligence opens up a promising new field for digital advertising and in particular for Weborama, a key player in semantic AI. With Webomind, Weborama is reinventing the way we approach contextual targeting and offering a new game-changing service.”

Alain LÉVY, Chairman of Weborama

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