Artefact partners with Weborama’s Data Clean Room to strengthen its data value proposition

Publié le 14 November 2023

The service provider (in marketing, consulting and data science) aims to strengthen
its data value offering for its joint customers and prospects with Weborama
to help advertisers with their data transformation in the cookieless era.

Weborama, the Data Intelligence Platform, has formed a partnership with Artefact, the international marketing, consulting, and data science services company specializing in data transformation and data & digital marketing consulting. Artefact will provide advertisers with a range of cutting-edge technological solutions, including the Data Clean Room from Weborama, while strengthening its data value proposition.

Artefact’s mission is to transform data into business impact by delivering tangible results across the entire corporate value chain. Weborama’s one-stop-shop approach will enable advertisers to build their own data ecosystem in order to continue to create marketing strategies (insight, segmentation, activation, measuring) in a world without third-party cookies, with a focus on the Data Clean Room to meet current market needs:

Sharing and reconciling data, encouraging a better understanding of consumers
Enriching data by opening up to data collaboration for high-performing marketing activations and advertisements
Guaranteeing security, confidentiality, and robust data governance

Weborama’s technology, an open, multi-cloud solution, is built on the power of Snowflake’s Data
Cloud to break down data silos and unify data. This deepens actionable knowledge and offers a unique real-time view of these consumers in a way that is 100% secure and respectful of their privacy.

This partnership with Artefact is an opportunity to support a larger number of players, by combining the power of our tools with Artefact’s knowledge and expertise in data. This alliance will enable us to help our clients carry out their data transformation with peace of mind and enter the cookieless era more confidently.

Mykim CHIKLI, CEO EMEA, Weborama

“Our 1500 employees work hard every day to bridge commercial and IT divides. Thanks to digital technology, data and AI, they transform organizations into consumer-centric leaders. Weborama’s tools allied with Snowflake will be an essential asset in meeting these challenges in an ever-evolving technological world.”

Florian THIEBAUT, Managing Partner, Data Marketing Practice Lead, Artefact


Artefact is an international data services company specializing in data transformation and data & digital marketing consulting, whose mission is to transform data into business impact by delivering tangible results across the entire value chain. Our 1500 employees in 20 offices across Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa combine their multi-disciplinary skills to help companies innovate their businesses. Our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology and flexible methods guarantee the success of our clients’ AI projects, from conception to deployment, right through to training and support through the change. We work with first-class international brands, such as Orange, Samsung, L’Oréal and Sanofi.

ABOUT WEBORAMA, The Data Intelligence Platform
Focused on managing and leveraging customer data, Weborama has developed and connected a range of technologies (including semantic and behavioral AI, data lakes, data clean rooms, data science, insights, etc.) that enable advertisers, agencies, and publishers to acquire, retain, and leverage their audiences. They activate targeted, consistent, and relevant ads in the new cookieless, IDless, and multi-device landscape. Weborama operates in Europe and the United States.

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