She Innovates: Women of Weborama – Meet Olga Micollier, QA Engineer

Publié le 21 November 2023

In the dynamic world of technology, where innovation knows no bounds, it is essential to spotlight the exceptional women who are shaping the industry and driving progress. 

Following on from our first interview with Kristina Voit, a Product Owner at Weborama, we had the privilege of meeting Olga Micollier, QA Engineer at Weborama, for our second interview!

Can you briefly introduce yourself, your background and how you got here?

I’ve had the privilege of spending a significant part of my life on the beautiful semi-island of Crimea in Ukraine.

My journey in the tTech industry began when I decided to get a degree in Computer Science at the local university in Crimea. Faced with the choice between different fields like finance and computer science, I choose to explore the world of computers.

Everything changed when I took a course in quality assurance, where I learned the details of testing software and how to ensure its quality. It made me really excited about this important part of making software.

When I applied to Weborama for a Quality & Assurance Engineer position, I already had five years of experience in this field. My background in software testing and commitment to quality aligned perfectly with the company’s goals, and I was looking forward to contributing to its mission. 

I joined Weborama in 2017.

What is your role within Weborama and what are your responsibilities?

My primary responsibility is to ensure the quality of the user interfaces for all our projects that involve interfaces.

My role is to lead the QA manual team that tests web interfaces and I work with Nicolas who leads the QA automation team, which develops automation, special programs and simulation.

Can you share an achievement or project that you’re particularly proud of since joining the company?

Since I joined Weborama as a QA Engineer and became the lead for our remote QA team, I’m proud of the successful initiative to improve our product’s testing process. We revamped our manual testing activities and collaborated closely with product owners and developers to improve our product releases.

I also have the opportunity to work closely with the automation QA team, constantly researching for new modern tools and suggesting concepts of implementation, learning and improving various automation frameworks. We are implementing automated testing frameworks that greatly improved our testing efficiency, reduced manual testing time, and increased the overall product quality. Thanks to this initiative, we developed our productivity and got fewer issues reported by clients  post-product release.

What skills or qualities do you think women bring to technology and how does this strengthen the team at Weborama?

I don’t divide people by gender, it’s rather the unique strengths and experiences that each individual, regardless of their background and gender, can contribute. Everyone can do the same task, depending on our unique set of technical and soft skills, like creativity, problem-solving abilities, technical expertise, effective communication, and adaptability.

Women, like any other group, play a big role in driving innovation, quality, and success within our Weborama R&D team.

How do you see the importance of diversity and representation of women in tech, and how is this reflected at Weborama?

Diversity and women’s representation in tech is important because each group brings their unique perspectives and ideas, which can lead to more innovative solutions. 

As a woman working in Weborama I feel as valuable team member as everyone else. 

I believe Weborama is actively looking for some ideas on how to improve this inclusive and supportive environment where everyone’s contributions are valued and respected and I admire that.

What advice would you give to young women who want to pursue a career in tech, particularly at Weborama?

I would extend this advice to everyone, no matter their age or background, and regardless of gender. It’s never too late to join the Tech industry: believe in yourself, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and always offer respect and support to those around you, regardless of where they come from or their background.

Outside of work, are you involved in any initiatives or activities to promote diversity and inclusion in tech or within Weborama?

Currently, I’m not involved in any diversity and inclusion initiatives or activities outside of work. However, after receiving an invitation for this interview my colleague Kristina has gathered all Weborama women working in the R&D department to speak about this topic in order to bring to the Direction ideas on possible improvements. I loved it and am looking forward to contributing to diversity and inclusion efforts at Weborama.

Can you tell us about a woman in tech who inspires you and how her journey has influenced your own career?

While I greatly respect and appreciate the contributions of many women in tech, I don’t have one specific woman in tech who inspires me, but I’m motivated by my own passion and my desire to learn and contribute.

Join us on this journey as we celebrate the achievements, ambitions, and outstanding contributions of the women who are shaping the future of tech at Weborama. « She Innovates: Women of Weborama » is not just an article; it’s a tribute to those who push boundaries, break stereotypes, and inspire the next generation of women in technology.

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