She Innovates: Women of Weborama – Meet Kristina Voit, Product Owner

Publié le 24 October 2023

In the dynamic world of technology, where innovation knows no bounds, it is essential to spotlight the exceptional women who are shaping the industry and driving progress. We had the privilege of conversing with the brilliant minds working behind the scenes at Weborama, a company at the forefront of digital advertising and data solutions. 

It is important to remember that the history of computing itself has been profoundly influenced by visionary women. Over the decades, pioneers such as Ada Lovelace, who wrote the first computer program, and Grace Hopper, who contributed to the development of the first compiler, played a fundamental role in the creation and evolution of this field.

This editorial series aims to restore their nobility to them.

For this first interview, we had the privilege of meeting Kristina Voit, Product Owner in Weborama !

Could you please introduce yourself briefly, tell us about your background, and how you arrived here?

My journey into the world of technology began at a young age. My mother, who was an IT teacher, used to take me with her to classes when I was just five years old. Her ability to simplify complex subjects and work easily with computers motivated me to study in Tech. I gained a degree in Business Informatics and had experience of software development in various countries, including Mexico, Russia, and the USA. Now, I’m in France, continuing to explore the IT world.

What is your role at Weborama, and what are your responsibilities?

I currently work as a Product Owner at Weborama, collaborating with frontend and backend developers, designers, and QA team to create our new product : the Data Clean Room. I actually feel very privileged to participate in building from scratch such an innovative and highly demanded product. 

Could you share an accomplishment or project that you are particularly proud of since you joined the company?

I am proud of introducing some tools and methods that significantly improved our internal processes, boosting efficiency by up to 5 times.

What skills or qualities do you believe women bring to the field of technology, and how does it strengthen the team at Weborama?

I believe that women in IT are brave and curious. Despite facing stereotypes and challenges, they are highly motivated to continue the path. They have the capability to cope with various challenges: technical, interpersonal, social, demonstrating remarkable adaptability.

How do you perceive the importance of diversity and the representation of women in tech, and how is this reflected at Weborama?

Weborama values diverse perspectives. I’ve been part of important projects, contributing my unique background to the team. I see the environment here encourages collaboration and adaptation.

What advice would you give to young women looking to pursue a career in tech, especially at Weborama?

My advice to young women entering the tech industry is to apply for positions even if they don’t meet all job criteria. I myself have been a perfectionist and was doubting myself when applying for jobs. What I learned is that there’s always room for learning at a tech job and it can be easily done with supportive colleagues. 

Outside of your work, are you involved in any initiatives or activities aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion in tech or within Weborama?

I have had an experience of participating in initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion: organizing TED tech talks in Mexican company, working with women entrepreneurs in Kenya, and developing marketing campaigns strategy for women in tech programs in Latin America.

Can you tell us about a woman in tech who inspires you and how her journey has influenced your own career?

My greatest inspiration is my mother, who showed me that IT can be cool and fun.

Join us on this journey as we celebrate the achievements, ambitions, and outstanding contributions of the women who are shaping the future of tech at Weborama. « She Innovates: Women of Weborama » is not just an article; it’s a tribute to those who push boundaries, break stereotypes, and inspire the next generation of women in technology.

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