Weborama integrates Adloox ‘s attention score across all its programmatic campaigns

Publié le 6 December 2023

By integrating Adloox ‘s new attention score, Weborama enables media agencies and advertisers to activate, optimize, and measure their branding and performance campaigns without relying on third-party cookies or IDs.

Weborama and Adloox have been long-time partners. Since 2012, Weborama has integrated Adloox’s verification technology into 100% of campaigns operated by its Trading Desk for fraud prevention, media quality measurement, and brand safety.

For Weborama, the first player in the industry to demonstrate the effectiveness of semantic contextual activation for branding and performance campaigns, the integration of Adloox’s attention scoring marks another step in addressing the challenges posed by the disappearance of third-party cookies. This score evaluates an ad’s ability to capture and retain users’ attention and works across various advertising platforms, channels, and media types, from desktop to in-app. It proves to be a more versatile tool compared to the probabilistic methods currently deployed. This indicator is envisioned to be a new industrial “currency,” allowing advertisers and agencies to optimize their advertising campaigns in Open Auction effectively, using a unique score ranging from 1 to 100, incorporating key indicators such as visibility and interaction and, by default, invalidating impressions made on invalid traffic (MRC guidelines).

Thus, Adloox’s score:

  • Measures attention only on human and brand-safe traffic.
  • Detects if the advertisement has been fully viewed and for how long.
  • Analyzes the ratio of the ad on the screen, tab, or active window.
  • Detects if the user has interacted with the ad or the screen.

All these criteria are used to build the attention score for each impression.

“We are proud to strengthen our partnership with Adloox. Semantic analysis is a key factor in the success of advertising attention. By integrating Adloox’s attention score, we enhance the value proposition of our Media & Insights Trading Desk. The attention criterion will feed into our semantic AI scoring to ensure the consistency of the advertiser’s advertising message with the content of the web pages on which it is displayed: the more the campaign is served in a strong contextual environment, the more likely the advertising message is to achieve better results.”

  • Mykim Chikli, CEO EMEA, Weborama

“Weborama is a reference in the global ad tech industry and a long-standing partner of Adloox. The combination of our technologies allows advertisers to quickly transition to a sustainable targeting approach. Our goal is to offer the market a new currency. Fourteen years of measuring the quality of digital ads have shown us how simplicity, transparency, and adherence to guidelines are crucial when it comes to moving the needle. The ambition we have with this score, unique in the market today, is for it to be recognized as a reference for both the buy side and the supply side with the aim of optimizing advertising campaigns. That’s why we are launching our ‘Attention Calculator’ in parallel with our measurement: freely accessible and available on our website, it allows the entire market to know the average score of a site we have measured and compare it to the benchmark.”

  • Romain Bellion, CEO at Adloox

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