Weborama anticipates the end of third party cookies : its ad server goes cookieless to meet the challenges of measurement and data collection without third-party cookies.

Publié le 21 November 2023

Tuesday, 21st of November – Weborama, the leader in cookieless targeted advertising thanks to its semantic AI, announces a major transformation of its AdServer, Weborama Campaign Manager (WCM). Weborama intends to meet the challenges of data collection and cookieless measurement by integrating the APIs of the Privacy Sandbox, which came into force in July 2023. This transformation, which includes the integration of the Privacy Sandbox APIs, will enable Weborama to address the two main challenges that advertisers and their media agencies will face when third-party cookies are removed: audience acquisition and campaign measurement.

As of 2024, Google’s browser will prohibit the use of third-party cookies to target users, prompting companies to explore alternatives such as contextual targeting, Privacy Sandbox and Universal IDs. With Chrome accounting for 60% of all users, the impact of these changes is significant. Digital marketing is moving from an individual-centric era to a cohort-based approach. This fundamental market shift is driving a significant evolution in targeting and measurement approaches:

  • The inability to target users based on their behavioral profile,
  • Loss of a holistic view of campaigns, resulting in less accurate and fragmented reporting,
  • Difficulty in tracking campaign KPIs in real time,

Weborama decided to integrate the Privacy Sandbox APIs into its AdServer for two main reasons:

  • Audience acquisition: Thanks to its AdServer, Weborama is able to collect the topics and URLs visited by users. The power of Weborama’s semantic intelligence makes it possible to enrich the reach offered by Topics thanks to the precision of contextual analysis. This solution provides a finer level of granularity than targeting by Topics alone. 
  • Campaign measurement: By integrating the data provided by the Privacy Sandbox Attribution APIs, Weborama lays the foundations for cookieless measurement through its AdServer. The two levels of reporting offered by the Privacy Sandbox will be integrated into WCM: event-level reporting for campaign optimization and aggregated reporting for campaign reporting and evaluation.

“The deadlines that mark the march towards cookieless are approaching. Weborama is a key player in this transition, providing operational answers to advertisers’ questions, particularly around cookieless data collection, open web targeting and media effectiveness measurement. Weborama’s expertise in semantic artificial intelligence is an invaluable asset in navigating the new digital advertising paradigm.”

Alain Levy, CEO, Weborama.

ABOUT WEBORAMA, The Data Intelligence Platform

Focused on data management and valorization, Weborama has developed and connected a set of technologies (in the fields of AI, semantic and behavioral artificial intelligence, data lake, data clean room, data science, insights…) that enable advertisers, agencies and publishers to acquire, retain and monetize their audiences and activate targeted, consistent and relevant advertising in the new cookieless, IDless and multi-device world. Weborama operates in Europe and the United States.


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