Weborama Audience Manager

Weborama Audience Manager is a DMP (Data Management Platform) used by over 60 companies in the world. This platform distinguishes itself particularly by a high level interconnexion with the adtech & martech ecosystem and a transparent access to the database intelligence.

« The Weborama teams managed to be very reactive to deploy the marketing & media use cases. The quality of their technology and their support are key factors for success for the project. »

Antoine Denoix - Chief Marketing, Digital, Data & Customer Officer, AXA France

A DMP chosen by more than 60 companies in the world
Weborama Audience Manager’s Benefits


  • High volumes ingestion
  • Easy audience activation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Deployment in less than 3 months
  • Close proximity support


  • Over 30 adtech & martech partners for both collect and activation
  • 85% synchronization rates with the main DSP
  • All kind of data lakes
  • Main CRM onboarding partners
  • Multiple 3rd party data sources
  • Over 60 2nd party data partners, 6 activity sectors


  • Full access to data intelligence
  • Visualization of each lookalike segment composition
  • Transfer of the whole control and knowledge of the software


  • Data hosting based in the Parisian region
  • Set up of a Quality and Security Insurance Plan (QSIP)
  • Conform with the CNIL (French National Individual Liberties Center, part of the G29) and e-privacy regulations
  • Anticipation of the GDPR, legal watch unit
A DMP covering all CRM, marketing & medias use cases

Develop clients' loyalty

Media budget optimization

Key life events

Website personalization

New subscribers recruitment



Display scriptwriting

Clients' exclusion

Clients/Prospects knowledge

About Weborama

Created in 1998, Weborama is a Data company specialized in the use of data to optimize media and marketing actions. Weborama is one of the leaders of the Data in France and Europe thanks to the development of unique 100% proprietary assets amongst which a Data Management Platform, a database of qualified users (3rd party data) and high added value data marketing services.


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