Weborama Campaign Manager

An ad server certified by referenced partners bringing an exhaustive and centralized vision of the marketing performance.

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The benefits of Weborama Campaign Manager

Full functionalities

  • Management and delivery of the creative elements
  • Campaign trafficking
  • Tracking
  • Reporting

Unique data approach

  • Real time automated choice in the creative elements to deliver
  • Access to many personalized animation models (riche media...)
  • Native and automatic comparison analysis of the campaigns' metrics against 1st Party audience segments
  • Performance measure based on 3rd party data
  • Automatized exports of raw data

Optimal delivery quality

  • Compatible with the main Brand Safety solutions (Adledge, Integral Ad Science, Adloox)
  • Easy access to alert and delivery emergency stop functionalities
  • Calculation of the visibility metrics and analysis of the delivery's environment

Complete and centralized vision of the performance

  • Interconnexion to the adtech & martech ecosystem
  • Certified by the main publishers to collect media users
  • Centralized management of the multi-channel tracking and "organic" traffic sources
  • Cross-vision of the campaign performance by audience over all channels
  • Wide range of metrics
  • Cross-channel and multi-device attribution
  • Ultra-personalization of the dashboards

About Weborama

Created in 1998, Weborama is a Data company specialized in the use of data to optimize media and marketing actions. Weborama is one of the leaders of the Data in France and Europe thanks to the development of unique 100% proprietary assets amongst which a Data Management Platform, a database of qualified users (3rd party data) and high added value data marketing services.


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