Opting out

Users can choose to opt out of Weborama’s pseudonymous data collection program. Once users opt out, Weborama does not collect navigation data or create marketing profiles anymore.

Opting out does not prevent users from receiving online ads delivered by Weborama, but these ads are delivered randomly. They are not targeted to a user’s modelled interest or demographics, are not delivered in sequence or delivered according to any previous advertising interaction.

When users opt out, Weborama stores a specific cookie on their browser. Weborama’s opt-out cookie has to be downloaded on each computer and each browser used by users. If cookies are disabled, erased, or altered, and if browsers or operating systems are modified or upgraded, the opt-out process might need to be performed again.

Attention! By clicking on this button your right to object will take effect on this browser only. In order to fully exercise your right, perform the same action on all the browsers you use