With the fragmentation of the purchase funnel and a data playground more & more partitioned by few giant players, marketing measurement has become a huge challenge.

Weborama offers an advanced measurement solution that provide a high level of intelligence, transparency & independence for brands.

Weborama Measurement Solutions

Weborama is expert at measuring & tracking marketing performance in order to maximize the return of insight generation and activation. To do so, Weborama has developed a set of technologies & methodologies to better measure the effects of each campaign on consumers and marketing performance levers.


Ensure your data governance & obtain a reliable measurement of your marketing campaigns thanks to a proprietary ad server platform (Weborama Campaign Manager) connected to the main adtech/martech, using its own Cookie ID, proposing a 360°customer view and delivering advanced reporting features.


Understand the mix of your campaigns and audience performances by measuring and optimizing their impact with an interactive ad hoc dashboard created by Weborama teams and based on proprietary technologies / database & data science expertise.


Take advantage of tailored-made attribution-contribution model adapted to your business & needs and based on econometric principles, advanced machine learning techniques that goes far beyond the static view. Measure ROPO effects thanks to reconciliation between offline and online data.

Thanks to its advanced Measurement & Tracking solutions, Weborama takes full advantage of the insights generation and the activation by measuring properly their impact on business results. As a result, many branches of a company can benefit from it, from Media to Marketing, CRM, Research, Consumer Insights group, Data & Analytics teams.


Measure the incremental of data on branding campaign to implement an audience planning strategy 


Better understand the donors’ digital behavior and identify the impact of online to offline

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