Insights & ad hoc Taxonomy

BigFish is a semantic analysis and taxonomies (segmentation connecting a word cloud to a user profile) generation tool. Based on million of sources in various languages, BigFish analyses web conversations, provides consumers insights and generate custom segmentations for brands.

« Bigfish completes Ipsos traditional communication measurement solutions by collecting digital content published by brands and consumers and that helps to complete our studies. »

Bruno Schmutz - Deputy CEO France, Ipsos Connect

An insights and semantic targeting solution for premium brands
BigFish Benefits

A platform optimizing consumer insights analysis

  • Access to millions of consumer verbatim sources in 180 languages
  • Thorough understanding of brand environment via a user-friendly and powerful dataviz
  • Automatic territory discovery and low signals detection

Custom segments creation and activation for brands

  • Refined clustering of brand and competition semantic field
  • Audience segments creation based on web conversations
  • Projection on BigSea database (1 billion consumer profiles)
  • BigFish segments available in DMP for activation in client ecosystem (DMP, DSP…)

A strong data science expertise and personalized support services

  • Training on BigFish interface and features
  • Support on set up and analysis
  • Analysis deliverables and custom segments creation
  • Natural Language Processing
  • In-house algorithms