6 reasons why to use GoldenFish

Weborama, pioneer in Semantic AI

With more than 10 years of experiences in this domain, Weborama has a great human and technological expertise in Semantic AI, that already proved itself through its behavioral database.

The first Cookiesless and ID-Less solution

Goldenfish is the first cookie and ID free solution that allows a highly precise and efficient targeting, compatible with all web browser and connected to the RTB market.

200M+ qualified URLs

Goldenfish crawls every month more than 200M URLs from the open web (press, blogs, forums...) enabling media activation on a large scale RTB inventory.

Branding and performance

Thanks to the high volume of URLs and to the ability to change the targeting accuracy using a powerful scoring, Goldenfish can be leverage for all kind of campaigns and objectives.

Results speaking for themselves

A competitive CPM compared to cookies (from -30% to -40%), stable to better CTR (from +0,05% to 0,10% in display and from +50 to +60% in native, excellent CPA (from -30% to -40%) and better viewability (from +10% to +15%)

Privacy by Design

GoldenFish is never using cookies or any kind of identifier making it the best tool to respect the users privacy when advertising. Only web pages are analysed and used for targeting.

For advertisers

Branding and performance

Use one of the 250 standard GoldenFish segments or create your customized segment using our words and expressions recommandation engine. Segments are then qualified on more than 200M active URLs and instantly available on RTB inventories.

GoldenFish is already being used by advertisers in a variety of industries : Entertainment, Beauty, Bank, Finance, Insurance, FMCG and Publishing.

For publishers

Create a premium offer

Use GoldenFish to increase the value of your editorial contents and create your own semantic taxonomies. Your URLs will be scored and transfered to you adserver and made available to your advertising team, enabling a powerful smart and automatic classification of all your contents, increasing their value.

All your data, crawled and clusterized, remains your property ! 

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