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Data science by Weborama

Weborama sees the web through the words of the web

Weborama analyses the web’s semantics 24/7. Thanks to innovating and proprietary algorithms, Weborama classifies the words of the web in 200 segments (e.g.: fashion, cooking, sport, news, etc.). As new words appear every day on the web, this segmentation improves constantly.

User profiles qualification

The Weborama database is built from the surf of the users on the internet. Segments, are then associated to each profiles. For example, a user who regularly visits pages containing the words soccer, rugby, tennis, will be attributed to the segment « sport », with a score of high intensity.

Data science at the heart of Weborama’s expertise

For 20 years, data science has been a full part of the company’s DNA. Data strategists, dataminers, data scientists, linguists-computer engineers, statisticians and mathematicians coexist within Weborama’s teams.