Given the new era of data, pinpointing consumer’s purchasing signals is key to identify and activate relevant communities.

Weborama offers an advanced segmentation solution that allows businesses to grasp the consumer journey and to enhance targeting abilities.

Weborama Segmentation Solutions

Weborama is expert at segmenting and creating refined communities’ clusters ready to be activated across digital marketing & media channels. We combine your data ecosystems and our data ecosystem powered by a unique Semantic AI method as it can score from 1 to 20 any individual interest based on what content a billion internet users are reading in real time.  


Using Weborama BigSea, the biggest proprietary behavioral data sets after Facebook and Google, Weborama identifies & creates custom high-value audiences for a one-shot activation campaign (branding, consideration, performance) or CRM enrichment based on a specific consumer behaviour / interest (eg: look alike of converters, car intenders, vegan interest…) for any chosen granularity & clients’ requests


Weborama enhances your reach abilities by turning & extending your offline persona (created by your marketing departement and/or agency) into online look alike segments containing millions of scored profiles ready to be activated in your digital ecosystem.


Leverage all the experience of Weborama data team as an instrumental data partner on very specific and heavy lifting business challenges applying deep learning methods & Weborama data intelligence technologies. With a tailor-made approach, Weborama “lets the data speak for themselves”, to create and fine-tune persona without a priori by analyzing, scoring digital behaviour and grouping internet users by similarities. Each persona embraces the consumer journey and is ready to be activated in your ecosystem.

Thanks to its advanced Segmentation solutions Weborama allows its clients across multiple industries & countries to ignite growth and to lower cost. As a result, many branches of a company can leverage those segments, from Marketing to Media, Consumer Research, Insights & Analytics teams.


Creation of data-driven persona, detection of consumer key life events & scoring of future hot prospects, Implementation of an Audience Planning strategy based on behavioral data


Creation of custom segment ‘look alike of test–drive converters’



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