Understanding and anticipating consumer expectations is central to creating and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

Weborama offers advanced Insight solutions that allow businesses to anticipate consumer expectations and to ignite growth thanks to valuable & actionable insights.

Weborama Insight Solutions


Powered by our semantic AI engine (Weborama BigFish) discover & monitor in real-time how your brand is perceived, its competitive landscape, strategic insights ready to be turned into actionable segments


Enrich your customer knowledge & enhance your marketing activation by merging your data (CRM, datalake, site-centric, media…) with Weborama BigSea, the biggest proprietary behavioral data set after Facebook and Google with over a billion qualified unique profiles, 220 criteria & 20 intensity scores based on affinities and applied in real time to each profile


Leverage all the experience of Weborama data team as an instrumental data partner on very specific and heavy lifting business challenges applying deep learning methods & Weborama data intelligence technologies with a tailor-made consumer insight approach on a macro level (mass audiences), or a micro level (user) within the context of a sophisticated data strategy execution 

Thanks to its advanced Insight solutions Weborama allows its clients across multiple industries & countries to ignite growth and to lower cost. As a result, many branches of a company can leverage those insights, from Marketing to Consumer Research, Data Sales & R&D teams.


Enriching CRM data with behavioral data, building a specific predictive modeling of consumer behaviors and accordingly scoring car models affinity on a real time basis


Analyzing brand perception & digital behaviors of luxury lovers. Creating high value insight to feed marketing strategy & media activation

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