Taking into account the fragmentation of the consumer journey is key to deliver the best possible experience and uplift sales at lower cost.

Weborama offers an advanced activation solution that allow brands & its agencies to reach the right target at the right time across all devices & marketing channels.

Weborama Activation Solutions

Weborama is expert at activating your clients & prospects audiences all along their consumer journey thanks to its data & technologies assets and advanced skills.


Activate easily your high-value audiences on your ecosystem thanks to a fully-interoperable & user-friendly Data Management Platform (Weborama Audience Manager). Take advantage of more than 50 martech (CRM, CMS, Emailing…) & adtech (DSP, Search, DCO, Ad server…) interconnections & a high level of ID’s matching rate with them (up to 85%)


Weborama teams find & activate your best audience thanks to the unique combination of all Weborama assets (semantic AI, data, technologies, expertises). Our team uses the “best of Weborama” to put in place more valuable buying strategies and to enhance the results of your programmatic branding & performance campaigns across all devices.

Thanks to its advanced activation solutions Weborama allows its clients across multiple industries & countries to ignite growth and to lower cost. As a result, many branches of a company can leverage this unique behavioral & contextual approach, from Marketing, CRM to Media teams.


Direct marketing self-activation of audiences scored by churn risk



Programmatic managed-activation of audiences scored by video games affinity & purchase intent

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