With over a billion qualified unique profiles, BigSea is one of world’s most powerful marketing databases. It allows companies to expand their CRM profiles, to build fine segmentations or to build relevant scores for each consumer.

« Thanks to this database, we are able to enhance the profiles, to offer a much more complete vision of our own marketing actions and to offer to the Advertising market more relevant targeting options. »

Béatrice Lhopitallier - Data director, Groupe Les Echos

A user database used by over 300 companies around the world
The benefits of BigSea

Key Figures

  • 1 billion profiles, inc.
  • 9 languages
  • 220 qualification criteria
  • 200 users’ interests
  • 7 key life events
  • 20 intensity scores

Performance and a better knowledge of the consumers

  • CRM data improvement
  • Creation of a proprietary consumer database
  • Quick identification of consumers interested in a product category
  • Easy detection of key life events
  • Anticipation of the first signs of intent of purchase
  • Extension of the prospection field
  • Improvement of the branding and performance campaigns